Quantis releases new report to guide beauty brands towards becoming sustainable businesses

It’s time for the big reveal! Introducing… Make Up the Future: Levers of change for a sustainable cosmetics business

Make Up the Future is a valuable new resource designed for cosmetics and personal care players to become sustainable businesses and thrive in today’s fast-changing world. The report provides a primer on the top issues cosmetics and personal care brands need to have on their radar, shares the 1st estimates of the industry’s environmental footprint and delivers a palette of science-based solutions that will build business resilience and shape a positive future for beauty. It also issues a call to action for beauty players to join forces to fill critical data gaps to enhance understanding of the industry’s impacts.

We’ve packed this report with insights drawn from our 10+ years of experience developing transformative sustainability strategies and concrete examples from sustainability leaders in beauty. We’re thrilled to share it!

Make up the Future

“Climate change, shifting lifestyles and stakeholder expectations around sustainability will define beauty for the next decade. The time is now to take action to transition to a sustainable model. Indeed, it’s time to design — to make up — the future we want for beauty and personal care. As a first step, brands will need to assess whether they are operating within or above our planet’s boundaries.”

Dimitri Caudrelier
Director of Quantis France and Global Cosmetics Industry Lead

Climate change, lifestyle trends emphasizing health and well-being and shifting stakeholder expectations around sustainability are changing the face of beauty. To successfully navigate these new dynamics and thrive in an increasingly resource-constrained world, cosmetics and personal care brands will need to step up and demonstrate leadership on sustainability and transparency. The good news is: there is already a strong desire in the industry to make strides in sustainability. What brands need now to accelerate action are the insights, tools and solutions that will help them transition to a sustainable business model.

We created Make Up the Future to help meet this need. It features insights and analysis from our sustainable cosmetics experts, informative infographics, case studies and concrete examples from sustainability leaders in beauty, including Beautycounter, Chanel Fragrance & Beauty, Coty, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Groupe Rocher, L’Oréal, French Federation for Beauty Companies (Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté – FEBEA) and the Personal Care Products Council.

The report demonstrates how science-driven action across three levels —  industry, corporate and product — will shape a resilient future for cosmetics. Make Up the Future also shares the first estimates of the industry’s environmental footprint, shedding light on the key areas where innovative and science-backed solutions can lead to significant impact reduction. The report’s insights and analysis will empower sustainability managers, corporate decision-makers and their teams to:

  • Prioritize efforts and resources on the topics that will make a meaningful difference;
  • Collect high-quality, consistent and representative data to better understand environmental impacts across the value chain;
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and innovation within companies and across the industry;
  • Set bold environmental goals that will lay the foundation of resilience in a resource-constrained world; and
  • Accelerate industry-wide action.

Want to hear more from beauty leaders and sustainability experts? Grab your seat at our webinar.

WEBINAR JUNE 10: Hear from Quantis, L’Oréal and other sustainability leaders in beauty as they explore the collective and individual brand actions that shape  a resilient  future for cosmetics . Register for the WEBINAR: Make Up the Future: Beauty leaders share how science-based actions can positively change the industry’s image and its impact.

Quantis Team

It’s time to make up the future we want for beauty and personal care. Is your business ready? Let’s talk!

Dimitri Caudrelier
Director of Quantis France
Global Cosmetics Lead

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