Sustainable raw materials can’t meet future demand: report

Fashion Dive | Quantis’ Global Fashion + Sporting Goods Lead Philipp Meister was interviewed for a piece in Fashion Dive, where he unpacked a recent report launched with BCG and Textile Exchange. The report, titled Sustainable Raw Materials Will Drive Profitability for Fashion and Apparel Brands, reveals that demand for low-climate-impact (“preferred”) raw materials could exceed supply by as much as 133 million tons by 2030. To deliver on decarbonization commitments and prepare for future legislation, it’s essential that apparel brands secure access to sustainable materials.

Doing so will require brands to change the way they engage with suppliers. Philipp explains in the article: “building longer term contracts and commitments to ensure suppliers secure revenue for the period of time needed to implement more sustainable solutions and see a return on investment, paying premiums to those with the ability to provide preferred materials, and investing in the development and scaling of more innovative materials. Some brands might also decide to finance part of the production costs more directly, or support access to low interest loans or public funding to ensure sustainable practices can be implemented.”

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