The A to Z of B Corp: sustainability’s ‘gold standard’

Drapers | B Corp is increasingly viewed as the ‘gold standard’ for sustainability certification. What are the befits and drawbacks? Is it the best indicator of a company’s sustainability performance? How does it compare to other standards? Quantis Global Fashion and Sporting Goods Lead tackled these and other questions in an interview with Drapers. His conclusion? “As with any certification, it’s important to recognize that this is one step on the sustainability journey. In the short term, fashion brands should start with understanding where their main environmental hotspots lie and take immediate action to reduce the impacts of their current operations… Ultimately, the goal should be to transform business models, shifting away from a ‘take, make, waste’ approach to full circularity and operating within the limits of the planet – separating profitability from product volumes. To this end, companies are already trialling repair programs, rental and resale schemes, pre-order models and more.”

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