Which kind of reusable water bottle is best? We asked the experts.

The Washington Post | Sustainability is a growing factor when it comes to consumer purchasing decisions — especially as we begin a new year and set resolutions. For an article on reusable water bottles, the Washington Post reached out to Quantis expert Marcial Vargas-Gonzales, Science + Innovation Lead. He gave insight into how different types of water bottles stack up on sustainability.

As it turns out, the material — plastic, glass, metal — isn’t necessarily the most critical factor when it comes to reducing climate impacts. “If you’re using this water bottle every day for two or three years, then in reality, the impact of manufacturing that bottle is going to be very, very low compared to the amount of energy you’re using to wash it if you’re using hot water to clean it… At the end of the day, what really matters is how long you’re going to be using this bottle…more than debating what is the best material if you want to make sustainable choice, just making that switch regardless of what you choose is already a fairly big step.”

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