Make Up the Future: The Quantis Cosmetics Report

Climate change, shifting lifestyles and stakeholder expectations around sustainability will define beauty for the next decade. 

Is your business ready? 

Featuring insights, case studies, informative infographics and the 1st estimates of the beauty industry’s environmental footprint,* Make Up the Future maps the top priorities and science-based actions beauty brands need to have on their radar to become sustainable businesses and thrive in today’s fast-changing world. The insights and analysis will empower sustainability managers, corporate decision-makers and their teams to:

  • Prioritize and focus efforts and resources on the topics that will make a meaningful difference;
  • Collect high-quality, consistent and representative data to better understand environmental impacts;
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration within companies and across the industry;
  • Set bold environmental goals that will set their businesses up for resilient success; and
  • Accelerate industry-wide action and the transition toward a sustainable model.

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*Estimates updated in October 2020 based on additional data.