Recipe for Transformation

Embedding sustainability across food + beverage business functions

The food and beverage industry and the natural environment flourish and fail in unison. When we rely on irresponsible production methods in pursuit of present profit, we limit the future of our business.

Despite ongoing efforts toward sustainability, the food and beverage sector hasn’t achieved the extent of transformation needed to truly mitigate its impact on the environment. With environmental events increasingly disrupting our food systems, the food and beverage industry risks losing billions of dollars.

Recipe for Transformation was developed by Charlotte Bande, Marcial Vargas-Gonzalez, John Willard and team to explore these challenges through the lens of the enterprise. The report dives into how each functional area, from procurement to finance and beyond, can take concrete steps to integrate sustainability and collaborate to transform business practices. It also includes insights from our recent survey of 600+ senior employees working at food and beverage companies.

Highlights include how:

  • Finance teams can assess environmental risk to identify areas of vulnerability and focus
  • Product teams can reduce the impact of recipes and packaging
  • Procurement teams can integrate sustainability into sourcing practices
  • Marketing teams can craft narratives that resonate with consumers
  • Sustainability teams can engage the C-suite
  • Operations and logistics can optimize processes
  • And more!

Leaders willing to make this transformation will set a new standard for the industry, and a more sustainable world ahead. Download your copy today.

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