Sustainability transition assessment and research of bio-based products

STAR-PROBIO constitutes a multidisciplinary and multi-actor collaborative project that will meet environmental, social and economic challenges, paving the way for a much-needed sustainability transition towards a bio-based economy. The overall objective of the project is to promote a more efficient and harmonized policy regulation framework, needed to promote the market-pull of bio-based products.

Quantis will perform a literature review of environmental indicators considered in related bio-based products studies and come up with a selection of strategic environmental sustainability indicators and associated impact categories. Quantis will also contribute to the environmental assessment of biomass processing schemes in a number of reference case studies.

Timeline: 2017-2020 (36 months)

Coordinator: Unitelma Sapienza Università

Topic: BB-01-2016 Sustainability schemes for the bio-based economy

Key industrial partners: Novamont

Star ProBio