Zero-waste ligno-cellulosic biorefineries by integrated lignin valorisation

ZELCOR aims at demonstrating the feasibility of transforming lignocellulose biorefinery recalcitrant side streams into high added-value biobased products, including fine chemicals. Its concept is to combine chemical and enzymatic catalysis with insects-based biological conversion, within a biorefinery integrated approach.

Building upon it expertise and experience in biorefineries added-value products derived from biomass, Quantis will assess the life-cycle environmental impacts of various lignin conversion/valorisation pathways, and compare their environmental performance to that of conventional alternative technologies.

Timeline: 2016-2021 (48 months)

Coordinator: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique

Topic: BBI.VC1.R1-2015 Conversion of lignin-rich streams from biorefineries

Key industrial partners: Avantium, Biome Technologies, Sabic Petrochemicals, Tereos, Ynsect