Let’s talk about climate strategy: How to shape effective narratives and engage your audiences

Carbon neutral, net zero, climate targets, footprint reductions … a lot of terms are thrown around in the world of climate strategy. But what do these words really mean? And why should your audiences really care

Effective communications are key to engaging audiences on your climate strategy — from getting internal buy-in and support to showing customers that your brand is taking action. 

In this follow-up to Absolute Zero: A climate strategy for business resilience, Quantis and brand partners GORE-TEX and Arla Foods will clarify key climate terms, share insights for effectively engaging internal teams (even virtually!) on your climate roadmap, and explore how a clear narrative can add deeper meaning for customers and consumers.

What you’ll learn

  • The role of communications at each stage of your climate journey
  • Clarification on climate-related terms, their meaning and common usage
  • Ideas on how to effectively engage people inside and outside of your organization


Amanda Martin
Global Head of Sustainability Communications

Dr. Anja Herberg
Global Sustainability Communications Champion
Gore Fabrics Division

Dr. Anna Flysjo
Senior Sustainability Manager
Arla Foods

Charlotte Bande
Climate Strategy Lead