The Fashion journey towards sustainability: the Fashion Pact, Circularity & Regeneration

Join the Regenerative Society Foundation, Quantis and leaders in the fashion space as we explore the answers to these questions in an open dialogue about the fashion industry and sustainable development.

+ Can fashion reinvent itself to become a truly sustainable and regenerative business? If so, how?
+ Which approach should be adopted?
+ Which targets should be set?

Over the last few years, brands in the apparel and footwear industry have come under increasing pressure to take action on social and environmental issues. The stakes are high and there’s a strong willingness for sustainable change, but the pace of improvement varies significantly across the industry. Initiatives such as The Fashion Pact are attempting to accelerate industry transformation by bringing together fashion and textile companies, suppliers and retailers to share best practices and find and scale solutions to common challenges to achieve critical impact on a global scale.

In this interactive session, Quantis and RSF will meet experts and specialists from Diesel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fibershed and OTB.
You will hear from them about their experience and concrete examples of how fashion brands are taking bold steps forward on the journey to become sustainable and regenerative businesses and about the tools they leverage along the way.

– Rebecca Burgess, Executive Director, Fibershed
– Michela Gioacchini, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Quantis Italy
– Giovanna Gregori, Director, Regenerative Society Foundation
– Sara Mariani, Chief Sustainability Officer, OTB
– Raimondo Orsini, Director, Fondazione Sviluppo Sostenibile & Co-founder, Regenerative Society Foundation
– Simone Pedrazzini, Director, Quantis Italy
– Andrea Rosso, Sustainability ambassador, Diesel
– Veronica Tonini, Chief Strategy Officer & Sustainability Coordinator, Salvatore Ferragamo