SPICE Webinar: Biodiversity Risks Guide

We depend on biodiversity and nature’s services for food and energy, as well as its irreplaceable role in sustaining air quality, providing fresh water and soil and regulating climate.

The biodiversity risk guide recently published by the SPICE initiative, co-founded by L’Oréal and Quantis, aims to present a qualitative overview of the regionalized biodiversity impacts from raw materials used for cosmetics packaging. It is the first step to better integrate biodiversity into SPICE approaches.

It’s time to address biodiversity risks head-on.

Join us on May 11th for a live webinar introducing the SPICE Biodiversity Guide. During this time together, we will explore:

  • The impacts of packaging raw materials on biodiversity
  • Case studies on 3 raw materials — methodology and results
  • How companies can integrate these recommendations



Anne-Florence Lécolier
Moderator, Quantis

Auriane Bodivit
SPICE Biodiversity and Quantis Consultant

Clarisse Tual
SPICE Biodiversity and Quantis Consultant