Tackling plastic pollution: introducing science-driven guidelines to address plastic leakage in corporate value chains

Join Quantis, IUCN, Arla Foods + Sympatex for this session presenting the Plastic Leak Project Guidelines — the first-ever methodology to map, measure and forecast plastic leakage in corporate value chains. Tune in to hear how your company can harness the latest science to translate its commitment to address plastic pollution into meaningful strategies and actions.

Growing awareness around the environmental impact and scale of plastic pollution has made the issue a top priority and risk for businesses in sectors ranging from agri-food to consumer goods and shipping. To effectively put an end to plastic pollution, businesses must first be able to quantify plastic leakage in their own value chain.

The multi-stakeholder initiative Plastic Leak Project (PLP) has released the world’s first methodology to do exactly that. The PLP Guidelines are science-based guidelines for companies to understand where and how much plastic leakage is occurring in their value chain. With these metrics and insights, sustainability managers, corporate decision-makers, R&D departments and marketing teams can work together to develop impactful corporate strategies to tackle plastic pollution: identify hotspots, develop solutions, set reduction targets, track progress, innovate supply chain processes, redesign products, and communicate credibly with stakeholders.

Questions we cover

  • What are the PLP Guidelines and how can they help you map, measure and forecast plastic leakage in your value chain?
  • How do leading companies plan to use insights from a plastic leakage assessment to build a science-based plastics strategy?
  • What does a plastic leakage assessment look like on a corporate or product level?
  • How can companies benefit from a plastics strategy that is grounded in science?


Laura Peano
Senior Sustainability Consultant and Plastic Leak Project lead

Gerard Bos
Director of Global Business and Biodiversity Programme

IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature

Jan Dalsgård Johannesen
Senior Sustainability Advisor
Arla Foods

Dr Rüdiger Fox

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