Sustainable packaging innovation made easy

eQopack embeds ecodesign into the heart of packaging development to make data-driven packaging choices at scale. It provides packaging designers with robust environmental data to make smarter, more resilient design decisions that empower sustainable packaging solutions.

With eQopack, businesses can easily measure the environmental footprint of different packaging formulations and turn robust environmental metrics into actionable insights to drive sustainable packaging transformation.

eqopack - a packaging assessment tool by Quantis

eQopack | A packaging assessment tool to drive sustainable innovation

Understanding packaging’s environmental impact

With eQopack, packaging engineers can easily measure and simulate the environmental footprint of their packaging designs. This ecodesign platform was developed by the experts at Quantis and based on the latest data from leading sources and science-driven methodology. You can assess your packaging design’s performance across each life cycle stage — from raw materials to end-of-life — with robust metrics, including 17 LCA-based impact categories (carbon footprint, land use, resource depletion, aggregated single score and more) and 8 indicators (reusability, recycled content, pack to product weight ratio and more) to help companies or packaging engineers to easily compare different packaging alternatives.

Embedding ecodesign into pack development with eQopack


Robust data + methodology

  • Latest scientific methodology based on LCA indicators, circularity indicators, etc.
  • Featuring the latest data from leading sources (ecoinvent, EU Product Environmental Footprint, Eurostat, UNStat, etc.)

Packaging footprint assessment

  • Calculate the footprint of any packaging
  • Generate a score for a pack’s environmental performance and impact, with a breakdown by layer, stage, category, etc.
  • Simulate multiple scenarios to reduce your packaging’s environmental impact

Easy to use + deploy in your company

  • User-friendly interface that will evolve over time based on user needs
  • Software that speaks the language of pack designers and engages teams in the sustainability journey

A tailor-made tool to suit your needs

Packaging is a universal topic, but your company is unique. eQopack is customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. During the software set-up phase, you will be able to:

  • Pick-and-choose the indicators most relevant to your sustainable packaging strategy priorities
  • Adapt the content of the database (list of materials, component type and more) to ensure packaging engineers will get the information they need to model future packaging
  • Customize the tool branding for better integration into your corporate environment

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