Managing your company’s emissions data has never been easier

Understanding your emission factors is crucial, whether you aim to identify hotspots in your product or corporate footprint, prioritize actions and estimate potential improvements, quantify your FLAG contribution and set your science-based targets, or track progress from your interventions. eQosphere is a master data management system that ensures you can navigate the complexities of emission factors in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.


eQosphere - master data management system - emission data management

Your Gateway to Informed Decision-Making

eQosphere allows you to access, search, and filter the gold-standard LCA databases and provides much-needed context and transparency. With features that trace data sets’ origins and evolution over time, eQosphere doesn’t just give you numbers — it helps provide the story behind them.

eQosphere was developed in response to the challenges and needs we identified through our extensive experience and expertise in client interactions so you can:

  • Get access to data from the best databases in the world — WFLDB, WALDB and ecoinvent — and find emission factors for specific commodities
  • Gain transparency into the data, so you can understand the granular impact of key drivers and factors and prioritize interventions
  • Align with industry reporting standards and break down factors according to contributions (FLAG, split by GHG), so you can set science-based targets. eQosphere is aligned with the GHG-Protocol Land Sector and Removals Guidance.
  • Manage data by integrating company-specific emission factors into the platform, establishing a single, central database that can be maintained and regularly updated over time
  • Get support from Quantis to develop supply-chain-specific emission factors — representative of your suppliers — and set the groundwork for tracking changes in your footprint

Stay Current, Stay Credible: The Single Source of Truth for Your Sustainability Efforts

Having a “single source of truth” and confidence behind the numbers is essential for your organization, whether reporting to regulatory bodies or communicating with stakeholders invested in your sustainable transformation journey. eQosphere ensures that your company remains at the forefront with the most up-to-date information.

eQosphere is available at three levels:


Access Level

Navigate authoritative databases (WFLDB, WALDB, and ecoinvent) for emission factors and LCA datasets


Manage Level

Integrate your company-specific data for a tailored analysis, and get your factors maintained over time


Custom Level

Get expert Quantis support to help you replace generic emission factors with specific ones, and allow you to track progress from your interventions further

Transparency and Informed Decisions: Join the eQosphere

Every decision counts. Equip your business with the right tool to help you manage your environmental data. Welcome to eQosphere, where sustainability meets transparency.

eQosphere - master data management system - emission data management

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