NECi: The Net Environmental Contribution Initiative

More and more investors prefer activities that contribute to the transition to a sustainable economy, but until now, financial decision-makers lacked the tools to drive that change. The Net Environmental Contribution Initiative – cofounded by Quantis, Sycomore AM and I Care&Consult – offers a new way to measure the environmental impact of economic activities.

The NEC tool is the only holistic and sector-specific environmental metric created by financial practitioners, for practitioners. This metric will change the way the financial sector approaches sustainable investing by guiding investors to choose investments that drive the transformation to a greener, more resilient economy.

As sustainable finance flourishes, different shades of green have emerged. Much like financial indicators or ratings, environmental metrics guide decision making by providing investors with insight into the risks and opportunities that lie in their portfolios.

Our Goal

In 2019, has been launched a collective platform to jointly build, update, disseminate and apply this metric: the NEC Initiative. The initiative will help:

  • Guiding Sustainable Investing: A powerful new tool that gives investors the ability to measure the environmental impacts, and future potential, of any economic activity or sector.
  • Driving the economic transition: An open-source initiative to raise awareness in the financial sector and support the change towards an environmentally sustainable economy.
  • Meeting Guidelines & Expectations: A collaborative effort to empower investors with the information to meet consumer expectations and comply with environmental regulatory guidelines.

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