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Evoca partnered with Quantis to assess its footprint, develop a custom data collection and eco-design tool and engage its R&D teams.

Evoca Group is a manufacturer of professional coffee machines. Headquartered in Italy, the company has a global presence with nine production sites and sixteen subsidiaries around the world.

To support the advancement of its sustainable transition project “The Taste of Sustainability,” which aims to generate a concrete culture of sustainability, Evoca partnered with Quantis to assess its footprint, develop a custom data collection and eco-design tool and engage its R&D teams.


To make progress towards its goals, Evoca first needed to understand the footprint of its core products, coffee machines, and identify the key hotspots along their life cycle. The company also needed to ensure that its teams could leverage this information to drive meaningful change.


Life cycle assessment and eco-design tool

Quantis developed a screening life cycle assessment and eco-design tool to calculate the product footprint of Evoca’s coffee machines and support Evoca’s engineers and R&D team in making material and design choices that maximize product sustainability. The tool enables product designers to determine the impacts of a coffee machine at the design stage across multiple criteria so that changes can be made to enhance environmental performance during the product development process.

Internal trainings and workshops

To ensure its teams would use the tool to its fullest potential and deliver more sustainable outcomes, Evoca needed to engage its teams around the “why” behind the project and ensure they were fully trained on how to use the software. Quantis developed a series of trainings and workshops for stakeholders across key functions, including Marketing, R&D and Sustainability, explaining not only how the LCA methodology underpinning the tool works, but also key concepts such as climate change and planetary boundaries. Game-based learning techniques were used to help workshop participants interact with the material in an engaging and memorable way.


Through workshops and insights provided by the tool, Evoca’s team was able to identify the main sources of its products’ climate impacts and the potential eco-design strategies that could be implemented to enhance environmental performance.

Evoca used the insights gathered during the assessment phase to prioritize key issues and develop a sustainability roadmap. Using the eco-design tool to compare different machine design and production scenarios, the company can now quickly optimize and improve their products during the earliest stages of product development.

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