Riri partnered with Quantis on a Sustainability Communication journey

A leading manufacturer of zippers and buttons for the luxury and fashion market, Riri Group is trusted by some of the world’s most renowned brands. At Riri, “Excellence in details” also means “Sustainability in details.” To achieve its sustainability goals and provide its stakeholders with a full understanding of the company’s sustainability journey, Riri partnered with Quantis to communicate externally about its commitments, sustainability roadmap, action plan and progress.


Riri embarked on its sustainability journey more than 20 years ago, measuring and reducing the environmental impacts generated along its value chain. Quantis has been a long-time partner, providing Riri with guidance at key points throughout this journey, from understanding its carbon footprint to defining a strategic roadmap to reach its sustainability goals. Looking to share its story externally, Riri once again turned to Quantis to craft credible, positive and clear communications based on science.


To communicate about its sustainability journey, rooted in attention to research and innovation as well as in a scientifically solid methodological approach,  Riri and Quantis defined three main pillars to structure its commitments, actions and communications.

  1. Innovate for the Future: Communications relating to product and materials innovation, as well as research to reduce environmental impacts;
  2. Protect Natural Resources: Communications to increase awareness and responsible management of finite resources in alignment with planetary boundaries; and
  3. Enhance Traceability and Transparency: Communications related to the companies suppliers and global independent standards and certifications across the industry.

As part of Riri’s communication strategy, Quantis developed content for the six communication launches happening in 2021, each focused on the different environmental topics and initiatives Riri has in place.

The project included a complete communication strategy, specific messages, a stakeholder and audience mapping exercise, as well as identification of the best channels to share each of the communications planned for 2021. Quantis also developed the infographic of the first communication launch about the use of recycled polyester as production standard for Riri zippers.


The project has generated a high-level communications strategy that will provide both internal and external stakeholders with a clearer understanding of the role Riri’s sustainability plan plays within the fashion and luxury industry. Additionally, the strategy will serve as a strong industry example of transparent and credible communications on sustainability.

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Project Manager

Adriana-Olaya Quantis Team

Adriana Olaya
Senior Sustainability Communications Consultant

"Riri is very attentive to sustainability and our innovation is based on constant and meticulous research: we started by creating a map of our emissions and, consequently, by modifying our processes internally. After an intervention on these points, which we consider the basis of our sustainable strategy, we dedicated ourselves to products, reaching what we consider an important milestone this year: the adoption of recycled polyester as a production standard for our zips.

Our approach to sustainability is forward looking and destined to take further steps forward and cooperating with Quantis was fundamental for the definition of our strategy and a well-structured communication plan."

Renato Usoni, Riri Group CEO

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