ChangeNOW 2023

Paris, France • 25 May 2023 - 27 May 2023

On May 25 & 26 the Quantis QFR Team attended ChangeNow, the global summit for positive impact held in Paris. It was an inspiring and transformative experience, filled with insightful discussions, meaningful connections, and a wealth of knowledge on sustainability and regenerative practices.

Quantis at ChangeNOW

+ CONFERENCE: Getting your board on board

Quantis France Managing Director Anne-Désérable was part of this panel session to explore the challenges that organizations face in implementing sustainable transformation strategies and ways to reinvent their approach to successfully get their board on board. Anne was joined by experts from various industries to discuss some of the key obstacles including resistance from the board, lack of resources, and difficulty engaging stakeholders.

+ WORKSHOP: Embracing the complexity: how planetary boundaries is the sustainability end game

Companies’ current approach to sustainability, focused on micro-level actions, has shown limited effectiveness in addressing global environmental challenges. They need to shift towards a macro sustainability perspective that considers planetary boundaries for more impactful and systemic change. How can companies operationalize sustainability from a planetary boundaries perspective to drive meaningful and lasting change?

In this interactive workshop, Geraldine Noe, Global Lead – Strategy Practice and  Charles Sirot, Senior Sustainability Consultant delved into the complexities of sustainability efforts and provide insights on why the current approach may not be working.