The FTC Is Updating Guidance on Environmental Claims. Here’s What That Means

AdWeek | Julia Lyon, Senior Sustainability Communications Consultant at Quantis, spoke with Adweek to weigh in on the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides update. The agency was planning on issuing new guidance last year until it extended its period for public comment through this spring. The FTC has not revised its green guides since 2012.

“When it comes to environmental sustainability overall and making sure that consumers are informed and able to actually take action in the way that they want to, it’s really a larger effort than what lies within a brand communication,” Lyon told AdWeek.

To improve recyclability or compostability, for example, there are infrastructure and public education-related barriers that must be addressed, she explained. “In order for all of this to work together, we do believe that more clear recommendations, stronger recommendations for how to use these terms is needed.”

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