Quantis is joining BCG to accelerate sustainable business transformation!


BCG's acquisition of Quantis will enable us to accelerate our mission of driving sustainable transformation to bring business and nature in balance.

Quantis is thrilled to announce we’re joining forces with Boston Consulting Group (BCG)! BCG’s acquisition of Quantis will enable us to accelerate our mission of driving sustainable transformation to bring business and nature in balance. 

Though Quantis will continue to operate as a standalone business unit within BCG and will retain its brand and teams, the collaboration between our two companies unlocks unparallelled potential for both our clients and the planet.

As an organization, we know the window of opportunity to mitigate the environmental crisis is closing fast and the stakes have never been higher. BCG’s business acumen and best-in-class consulting capabilities paired with Quantis’ deep environmental expertise and mission to align business with planetary boundaries will enable us to amplify our impact.

We’ve long believed that for business to take the transformational leap necessary to align with nature, we can’t continue with business as usual. This doesn’t just apply to our clients, it’s true for Quantis too. That’s why we’ve decided to take our commitment to collaboration — an essential element for driving systemic change — to the next level by teaming up with a leader in the business transformation space.

BCG is the right partner for Quantis. A world-class consultancy, BCG has ambitious sustainability plans that are already in place and is an influential industry voice through engagement at the most important forums of our time, from COP27 to the Science Based Target Network (SBTN). What’s more, it has committed to ensuring science drives the global sustainability agenda. 

This deal gives Quantis a much bigger platform from which to spread and engage others around our mission, fast track transformation and shape a planetary economyan economic system that respects the planet’s ecological limits. 

By teaming up to drive sustainable business transformation, BCG and Quantis will:

  1. Drive greater impact — faster — for the planet than we can alone. We’ll help clients not only assess their environmental impacts and plan to address them, but also transform their organizations to operate within the planet’s capacity. We’ll be able to push for stronger and bolder commitments on nature among CEOs.
  2. Be colleagues and thought partners. Quantis’ scientific approach and renowned environmental expertise are highly valuable and complementary to BCG’s capabilities. Together, we’ll foster collaboration and exchange of ideas as thought partners.
  3. Pursue opportunities in line with our shared conviction. We both agree that business must be at the forefront of driving systemic change. Combining our complementary strengths — BCG’s deep sector expertise and ability to guide clients through complex transformations with Quantis’ scientific prowess and planetary boundaries approach — will create a unique market offering to help clients address the environmental crisis. 
  4. Protect the culture that has made Quantis so successful — and welcome its influence on BCG’s organization. This means retaining the Quantis brand and teams. BCG will safeguard and nurture our distinct culture, which is built on a steadfast commitment to driving true sustainable transformation.

While forward-thinking, future-looking companies are increasingly aware of the high stakes the environmental crisis presents, there still remains a massive gap between commitment and action — and time is running out to avert a worst-case-scenario for the planet. We’re excited to get to work with our new colleagues at BCG to tackle the barriers to systems change and guide businesses in their transformation from business as usual, to business at its best.

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