Champagne Telmont announces Guide to Sustainability in Champagne as Part of In the Name of Mother Nature

Wine Industry Advisor | To go one step further on its journey towards sustainable transformation, Champagne Telmont has set itself an ambitious objective: to be Climate Positive in 2030 i.e. to reduce emissions and offset more greenhouse gases than we emit — and Net Positive by 2050, which means drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 90%, and sequestering more than the equivalent of residual emissions.

To realize its goals, Telmont partnered with Quantis to assess its impacts, define its trajectory based on the SBTi provisional guidance issued by SBTi in January 2022 and co-create an action plan. To share its experience and help other companies who would like to embark on the same journey, Telmont has published Our Guide to Sustainability in Champagne.

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