CLIMATE WEEK: Resources + insights to build your science-based climate strategy

This year’s Climate Week will be like none other. In a fully-virtual format, people from across the globe are tuning in to discuss and learn lessons from the pandemic to pursue a net-zero future through just transition. At a time when “build back better” plans project mixed outcomes for the planet, the business voice is getting louder — calling for ambitious and collective action for nature.

Businesses understand that incremental changes within current business models will only get them so far toward their climate objectives. Companies need systems-level changes and deep business model transformation. The sooner they start on that journey, the more resilient they will become.

In honor of this unique Climate Week, we’ve curated our best climate-related articles and webinar replays to support you and your team’s journey to looking beyond incremental emissions reductions to build a more resilient business model aligned with the global net-zero climate goal.

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Resources + insights to help you cultivate business resilience with a science-driven climate strategy:

> Watch Absolute Zero: A climate strategy for business resilience
Quantis’ approach to climate strategy helps you build business resilience and maximize your potential contribution to the fight on climate change. Absolute Zero means going beyond managing incremental progress to mapping the scale of change needed across supply chains, in business models and product innovation. Watch Quantis and partners Microsoft + Gold Standard discuss the latest in science-based climate strategies during this GreenBiz webinar.

> Watch Let’s talk about climate strategy: How to shape effective narratives and engage your audiences
Carbon neutral, net zero, climate targets, footprint reductions … what do these words really mean? And why should your audiences really care? Effective communications are key to engaging audiences on your climate strategy — from getting internal buy-in and support to showing customers that your brand is taking action. Our partners GORE-TEX + Arla Foods join us to clarify key climate terms, share insights for effectively engaging internal teams (even virtually!), and explore how a clear narrative can add deeper meaning for customers and consumers.

> Watch Natural Climate Solutions: Tap into the Opportunities
Forests, agriculture, soils and land have been recognized as key levers in mitigating the negative impacts of climate change. Tune in to hear how leading companies are working collaboratively to deploy natural climate solutions that reduce climate impacts, assess strategic opportunities, mitigate risks and develop strong partnerships across their supply chains. Quantis + Barry Callebaut + WRI share insights on this webinar hosted by GreenBiz.

> Read Destination net zero: how to build a credible neutrality strategy
We wrote this net zero article to ring in Super Year 2020 — “the year that could change it all” for sustainability. It has indeed been a world-turned-upside-down kind of year, though in ways we could not have predicted. What is clear is that businesses have never been more aware of their need to build more resilience in the face of global risks such as the climate crisis. This article lays out what you need to know about building a climate neutrality strategy that is credible and science-driven.

> Read Dig In: A landscape of business actions to cultivate a sustainable and resilient food system
Transformation of the food system is the strongest lever we have to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030. We’ve packed our 10+ years of expertise in food sustainability into the Dig In Food Report to give sustainability managers, executives and key corporate decision-makers a high-level vision of today’s most pressing challenges and solutions in the food sector. Kevin Rabinovitch, Global VP of Sustainability at Mars Incorporated, called it “a must-read map for your sustainability journey.” Bon appetit!

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