Discover eQopack, the ecodesign tool changing the face of packaging

Deliver on your sustainable packaging commitments with a tailor-made ecodesign solution that speaks the language of your design team. eQopack, the new SaaS tool from Quantis, developed in partnership with digital products company Kleis Technology, brings together robust, science-based metrics with digital expertise to provide companies with an easy-to-use tool for sustainable packaging decisions.

As consumers demand more environmentally conscious packaging, businesses need to transform their design strategies to find lower-impact solutions. Action starts with pinpointing the environmental impacts of packaging alternatives across the entire lifecycle — from raw materials to end of life. eQopack helps designers get to the heart of their hotspots and assess alternatives in just a few clicks, regardless of their level of expertise. It mainstreams ecodesign so that instead of calculating the footprint of a pack on a case-to-case basis, these assessments become standard practice without sending designers back to the drawing board each time.

“eQopack reflects the democratization of sustainability decision-making. By making robust environmental metrics accessible to designers, companies can embed ecodesign into their packaging development processes and accelerate sustainable transformation to match their commitments."

Catherine Zwahlen
Head of Digital Solutions, Quantis

Companies are increasingly looking to ecodesign as a way to promote circularity. Beauty brands have already joined forces to shape innovative packaging solutions across the industry, but not all sectors have had access to the right tools or insights to meet their needs. eQopack brings the necessary ecodesign expertise in-house.

Users of eQopack can input customized datasets and pick and choose the most relevant indicators for their business. From there, they’re able to calculate the footprint of any packaging solution, generate an environmental performance score and simulate different scenarios to bring down the pack’s impact. The tool includes 17 different environmental categories, like climate change and land and water use, and 8 packaging design indicators, including reusability, recycled content, pack-to-product weight ratio and more.

Digital tools like eQopack are changing the game for sustainable decision-making. Are you ready to embed ecodesign into your business’ packaging strategy? Let’s talk!

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