The NEC metric awarded “Impact Initiative of the Year: Global”

Environmental Finance | The Net Environmental Contribution metric, developed with our partners at Sycomore Asset Management and I Care & Consult, has received Environmental Finance’s Impact Initiative of the Year: Global award. Quantis is proud to have helped shaped this robust tool that offers the finance community a revolutionarily-new way to measure the environmental impact of economic activities. Congrats to the entire NEC team!

The financial sphere has a long way to go to adequately integrate environmental issues into investment decisions. I am convinced this is more due to a lack of adequate tools than a lack of awareness from the financial community. Understanding business models' positive or negative contribution to the environmental transition requires manual research, and sometimes bumps into corporate disclosure limitations. The NEC metric required a significant R&D effort to provide the industry with a compass to orient investments toward positive contributors. We're thrilled to see it recognized as a trailblazing tool!

Benjamin Lenoel, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Quantis

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