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Measuring the environmental performance of Giorgio Armani and MY WAY fragrance launch

Armani Beauty partnered with Quantis to develop a methodology and tool to measure and understand the impacts of its MY WAY perfume launch.

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Since 2013, Armani Beauty has been implementing a sustainability plan to reduce its environmental impact, targeting product formulation, as well as packaging and retail design. Building on this work, the brand wanted to develop a carbon neutral perfume aligned with L’Oréal Group’s (its operator) climate strategy. MY WAY is the result of Armani Beauty’s sustainability commitment and L’Oréal Group’s expertise in sustainable product innovation.

To ensure the perfume’s launch aligned with the brand’s carbon neutral goal, Armani Beauty partnered with Quantis to assess and monitor the greenhouse gas emissions, environmental impacts and contribution to climate change of the MY WAY launch.


The product is the endgame of each cosmetic or personal care brand and determines how beauty or well-being benefits are delivered to consumers. To create high-quality products with strong environmental performance, sustainability must be embedded into each phase of the product’s life cycle and all functions around the product.


Quantis collaborated with Armani Beauty to develop a methodology and tool to measure the carbon footprint of all the sales and marketing activities across the MY WAY product life cycle, such as packaging, ingredients, manufacturing, transportation, as well as advertising campaigns, POS materials, gift boxes, beauty consultant training and also including post-sale impact when the product is in the hands of the consumer.

Analysis was also carried out using the Sustainable Product Optimization Tool (SPOT) co-developed by Quantis and L’Oréal in 2013 to measure the environmental impact of products. Based on 14 key sustainability criteria, this tool covers the entire life cycle of a product, from the purchase of raw materials to consumer use and end of life.


Leveraging the methodology and tools developed with Quantis, Armani Beauty was able to assess MY WAY’s residual carbon footprint and identify the main areas where improvements could be made in terms of environment impact reduction.

Armani Beauty launched several forest preservations programs in 2020 to offset the 7,000 tons of residual carbon emissions generated by MY WAY in its first year and has committed to continue these programs into the future.

Next steps 

Beyond the introduction of MY WAY in 2020, Armani beauty commits to two additional, ambitious objectives: further reducing its carbon emissions by an additional 25% by 2025, while also being entirely carbon neutral, thus all its products, by 2025. These actions are in line with the 2016 Paris Agreement to limit global warming, and the EU’s aim to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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Elsa Maurice
Senior Sustainability Consultant

“I believe that environmental issues should be close to everyone’s heart, now more than ever. There is no way we can ignore the fact that the future of the younger generations depends on our choices."

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