Quantis launches eQopack: an ecodesign tool to assess the environmental footprint of packaging

March 30, 2021 – Global sustainability consulting firm Quantis has launched eQopack — a software as a service (SaaS) tool that embeds ecodesign into the packaging development process. Using robust environmental data, eQopack allows designers and engineers to measure the footprint of packaging, enabling smarter, more sustainable decision-making.

Sustainable packaging has become a priority among consumers who are increasingly aware of the environmental consequences wrapped up in their daily purchases. As a result, companies are making ambitious commitments for more sustainable packaging. To truly reduce the environmental impacts, businesses must look beyond simply replacing one material with another that seems less harmful in theory, and take a systems-level, science-based approach. eQopack allows users to consider environmental factors, such as climate change and land and water use, across the packaging solution’s entire lifecycle — from raw materials to end of life. In addition, designers can use the tool to assess packaging options with indicators like reusability, recycled content, pack to product weight ratio and more, and generate an environmental performance score to help guide decision-making.

eQopack - A packaging assessment tool to drive sustainable innovation

eQopack is a digital tool that reflects the democratization of sustainability decision-making.

With hard promises in place, companies are expected to deliver improvements, requiring that they make concrete changes and track their progress along the way. The digitalization of sustainability allows such commitments to be put into action. Companies often turn to external experts to understand their environmental impacts, lacking in-house expertise or accessible tools. Software like eQopack reflect the democratization of sustainability, through empowering non-specialists to make decisions that were once out of reach.

While many cosmetics industry leaders have already mobilized to improve packaging sustainability, other sectors have lacked the tools and methods that meet their needs. With eQopack, companies have access to customized datasets. They can pick and choose the most relevant indicators and adapt the datasets to their needs (using specific material types, for example).

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Catherine Zwahlen, Quantis Digital Solutions expert, said: “eQopack is a digital tool that reflects the democratization of sustainability decision-making. By making robust environmental metrics accessible to designers, companies can embed ecodesign into their packaging development processes and accelerate sustainable transformation to match commitments.”

Elodie Parre, Bel Sustainability Director, said: “eQopack promises to satisfy a need for companies to have a better, data-driven approach to measuring the environmental footprint of packaging. Bel is excited to get robust environmental metrics to support packaging and marketing teams in selecting better packaging solutions.”


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