Ceres – The Investor Guide to Deforestation and Climate Change

Investors increasingly want to integrate deforestation-related climate impacts in decision-making but are often unsure of how to do this effectively. This new Guide by Ceres, Inc. provides a framework to take action and push companies to include GHG emissions from deforestation in their supply chain. 

Last year, Quantis led the development of the Accounting for Natural Climate Solutions Guidance that provides a methodology for integrating GHG emissions from land impacts in supply chains into corporate climate strategies. In this context, Quantis was asked to join the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Ceres Guide to provide insights and feedback. 

 “Merely having a no-deforestation policy is not enough,” says Quantis’ Natural Climate Solutions Lead Michèle Zollinger. “Implementation is where the real work takes place, and investors need to wrestle with this. The Ceres Guide is a great start!”

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